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Support communities in challenging times

DUE TO COVID 19 PANDEMIA, many of the vulnerable communities we have been following
and  empowering with our projects, are at HIGH RISK OF INFECTION.
Further impoverished by the current health and economic crisis,
they are struggling to make it day by day. Many of them are even infected by COVID 19.
They need our support to SURVIVE, to buy food, medice and oxygen.

Support the ten last Shipibo spiritual guides, elder women, ceramic masters, affected by COVID19

The last ten Shipibo ceramics masters are affected by COVID 19; they represent the 95% of positive cases of their community. While struggling between life and death for the past 15 days, they are left with no economic possibilities to feed themselves or their families, pay for their oxygen or buy medicines.

Ten elder women, bearers of ancient knowledge, fight to keep their millenary tradition alive. If they leave this life, the world would lose the main Shipibo spiritual guides, “living treasures of the cultural heritage of the Amazon".

Solidarity is very precious these days. If you want to contribute to this emergency, your donation will be collected directly by the son of one of the teachers, Augustina Valera.
Send by Western Union to Oliver Agustin Valera, Peru
Please contact, to confirm the tracking code that will be directly communicated to Oliver.

To thank you, Agustina offers you an ICARO, spiritual song performed by her while creating her ceramics

Support Awajun & Wampis women and their families, affected by COVID19

Not being able to work for their daily wages during lockdown in Amazonian Peru that still persists, the Awajun and Wampis women that have been empowered with our project, are now struggling to feed themselves and their families in their communities. Despite the fact that they live in a remote area of the jungle, COVID 19 has reached them. They are literally being left to themselves having the closest city facility or hospital 2 days away from where they live.

They need our support to buy food, medicine and oxygen for the many affected.

Very soon we will inform you about where you can donate and pre-order their handicraft, if you wish to contribute. Thank you.

Support Calypso musicians at risk of COVID19

Most Calypso musicians in Costa Rica are old and often marginalized. Some are homeless, others without pension, health insurance or social security. Highly exposed to COVID 19, they need to go by, day by day, with no means of earning their living during the current pandemia.

Our support is very valuable to them.


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