Empowering Shipibo women from Amazonian Peru

Empowering Shipibo women from Amazonian Peru to keep alive their unique traditional ceramic art

A unique few centuries of tradition in ceramics is in danger of disappearing when the three last elder Shipibo women of Amazonia Peru leave this world.

A documentary has been directed and produced by Carlos Zuniga in order to preserve this valuable cultural heritage. The three charismatic women have been filmed in their everyday life and while creating their ceramics, which depict ancient symbols of the community’s spiritual tradition. The film provides an insight into Shipibo arts and wisdom as seen through the last elder women of their kind.

They have been empowered to transmit their knowledge to younger women of their community. Ceramic workshops were conducted in their homeland, and their fame crossed borders. They have been invited to expose their ceramic art in France, during an exhibition that raised funds to keep the ceramic projects the sustainable foundation of their community.

A documentary on endangered Shipibo art and wisdom shot in Amazonian Peru. A campaign in Europe, including a Shipibo ceramics exhibition & workshops with the last three female ambassadors of their art, to raise awareness and funds for the community.


The last three women Shipibo spiritual guides and ceramics masters have been infected by COVID-19, and urgently need our solidarity!

They are left with no economic possibilities to feed themselves or their families, pay for their oxygen, or buy medicines. To support Augustina Valera, please send your donation by Western Union to her son, Oliver Agustin Valera, Peru. Contact to confirm the tracking code that will be directly communicated to Oliver.

For those interested in pre-ordering a Shipibo ceramic made by the teacher with your donation, visit, and contact us at the above email to confirm. We will be in touch as soon as possible, given the circumstances in Peru, to organize expeditions.