Raising awareness on Calypso music

Calypso music & its Afro-Carribbean tradition

We are supporting the production and distribution of the creative documentary “I am a true born Costa Rican”, directed and produced by Carlos Zuniga, in partnership with the National University of Costa Rica and the National University of Claypsonias. We will organize screenings and concerts of Calypso music in France, Italy, and Greece, as part of a raising awareness campaign to recognize the value of this unique artistic form of expression related to the Afro-Caribbean culture and the challenges faced.

The Calypso limonense is an Afro-descendant cultural expression that stands out for its narrative of popular events sung in an aesthetic of particular humor, for its versatile musicians, its Caribbean environment, its cheerful rhythms, and melodies of Afro-Antillean roots. This expression has served over the past 90 years to draw stories in songs that portray a unique way of dealing with the changes that the Caribbean region of Costa Rica has experienced.

Currently the Calypso limonense narrative faces a series of threats.

A documentary on traditional calypso music in the light of current challenges. A campaign including film projections and concerts to raise awareness on this unique humorist story-telling musical expression and the Afro-Caribbean culture behind it.

Calypso musicians would appreciate your contribution

Let’s join forces to empower these wonderful artists and their community!

You can be part of this sustainable project, especially if you are interested in Calypso music. Just contact us by email and we can further discuss it!