Empowering Awajún women from Amazonian Peru

Empowering Awajún women from the poorest area of the Amazonian region of Peru, to undertake an art and economic development project

The project aims at generating a direct impact on the economic empowerment of 220 indigenous women of the Awajún communities of the district of Río Santiago in the Amazon. Focusing on a territorial approach to local development and expecting increasing positive impacts in the community life, women have reinforced their self-esteem, accessed resources, and empowered their own decision-making. They break the generational poverty circles in families and contribute in the revival of local economy. For this, three results are contemplated:

Result 1.- Capacity building of Awajún indigenous women to fully exercise their economic, social, and cultural rights through an Awajún Women Leaders training program.

Result 2.- Technical-productive capacities of indigenous Awajún women improved for the sustainable management of their productive system and the development of local businesses.

Result 3.- Sustainable fair trade articulation for the local businesses of indigenous Awajún women with a territorial approach to local development.

The assumptions on which the expected impact is based is that, in order for women to overcome their conditions of poverty and inequality vis-à-vis their male peers, it is necessary that they increase their access to technologies and improve the skills and knowledge. This will allow them to develop economic activities and ventures linked to local value chains such as cocoa, banana, honey, ecotourism and crafts, that generate sustainable income (result 3). For that, we must apply a market focus, considering the demand in terms of quality, quantity, trends, and network with potential buyers, as well as with public entities that serve as facilitators of local development (result 2) . Finally, as a key result for sustainability, women need to integrate that the increase of income is effectively translated into welfare, not only in overloads of work and the use of surplus by third parties. Therefore, it is necessary to complement these actions with empowering their initiatives through women’s leadership and advocacy, raising community voices for their political, economic and social rights (result 1).

Empowering indigenous women of Amazonian Peru to contribute to the revival of their local economy. Gaining capacity building in women's leadership, productivity management and their traditional art, they are accompanied to access a sustainable fair trade market.

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