Solidarity for Artists

Designing & building an online creative hub to empower artists struggling during COVID 19 pandemia

An online creative hub to technically & financially support artists.  

We are designing & developing an online platform capable of hosting artists from various media such as musicians, performers, visual artists, and filmmakers. By showcasing their work in their own profiles – created by the artists themselves according to a pre-designed form – they are offered various possibilities. Registered artists may receive donations for their existing work or in order to launch their new productions. They may be contacted by their audience or by other artists to explore potential synergies.

The final goal being to empower emerging artists and to keep the cultural productions active even during pandemic waves, we will organize live & web events (live streaming, VR) in collaboration with private & public sector sponsors or institutions.

We are currently developing the prototype. If you are interested as an artist or a company/institution, please contact us.

An online creative hub of solidarity for emerging artists during and after the pandemic. Showcasing their work, receiving donations, or collaborating with other artists are some of the possibilities we offer. Ultimately, we want to encourage & facilitate the production of live & web events by bridging with public & private sector institutions.

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