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The 10 Sober Destinations to Vacation

The city has come to be known as the Mile High City thanks to the wide range of outdoor activities it offers. There are also a number of historic sites and landmarks such as the Colorado Capitol building, and Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Take a trip to the Mayan pyramids and marvel at the wonders of this ancient culture. There are also national parks, museums, and ruins that tell the story from the times of the Mayan civilization to the Spanish invasion. Malaysia is another Asian country that has strict rules on alcohol and drugs. The state, however, recognizes the rights of non-Muslims to take alcohol and there are establishments that sell alcoholic drinks although they are subjected to heavy taxes and strict regulations.

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Most people picture the sandy beaches, palm trees, and a relaxing seaside scene when you mention the word vacation. The nature of such vacations is that it provides a relaxing feel to counter the distress that is often experienced by someone who is trying to overcome their substance abuse or alcohol addiction problem. Many companies host booze-free, recovery-focused tours, including yoga retreats by Soul Bliss Journeys and cruises organized by sober vacations. When it’s time to embark for your Nile River cruise, you’ll be warmly welcomed aboard a beautiful river cruise ship where luxury always means love with AmaWaterways. Marvel at scenic Nile River views in luxury, enjoy regionally inspired entertainment and savor the flavors of both local and Western cuisine on board.


It can be difficult to travel when so much of our culture surrounding celebration is centered around drinking alcohol or consuming other substances. Mexico has sober resorts for vacationers who want to go for a break much closer home. Resorts like the Casa Hamaca guest house in Yucatan provide private suites, access to beautiful beaches and a chance to get a taste of the Mexican cuisine and culture. Some people prefer to travel to some middle-eastern or Asian country for a vacation due to the reduced exposure to drugs that is possible due to religious and cultural reasons. Sri Lanka is one such destination that is becoming popular with sober vacationers.

It also has a thriving recovery community, with many support groups, 12-step meetings, and other recovery-related activities taking place on a daily basis. For country music lovers, the sights to see and things to do in Nashville are endless, and there’s not likely to be pressure if you’re doing it all without a drink in hand. If you have recently completed treatment at a drug rehab in Los Angeles, this blog can be helpful for travel ideas, such as learning about the best places and activities for sober vacations in 2022. Staying busy involves organizing your itinerary to ensure you don’t allow yourself to have significant periods of idleness. Take time to choose destinations that have enough of the activities and sites you’d love to explore while vacationing.

The Best Types Of Vacations To Take If You Don’t Drink

“Don’t go on vacation with people you used to use substances or anyone you have highly conflictual relationships with,” advises Weston. An estimated 46.3 million Americans have substance abuse problems, and I’m one of them. I suffer from alcohol use disorder (the National Institute for Health’s preferred term), colloquially known as alcoholism.

Sober travel is a hot trend. But for some travelers, it’s a way of life – CNN

Sober travel is a hot trend. But for some travelers, it’s a way of life.

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