Oct 11, 2023




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It really is a soldier’s life for me at 75, obviously | Operate & careers |

Re your post (
Experts crack concern of whether lovers look identical
, 12 Oct), today within my 93rd year and achieving been hitched for 71 decades, I have found it incredible that none for the quoted experts have considered to woman looking for couple‘ photographs on their special day. For several years, We have always said on how many couples look-alike. I have realized that in case you’re pleased and happy with their particular physical appearance, chances are they are keen on someone with the exact same fundamental facial appearance. We would help this concept – it surely showed a great choice for people.

Joan Carter

Torrington, Devon

Like Zoe Williams (
I’m a middle-aged pacifist – why would Rishi Sunak and co want us to get in on the army?
, 9 Oct), we completed the government’s careers questionnaire. We stuffed it in as really as I could and was somewhat impressed locate that as a 75-year-old, I am recommended a profession in armed combat or the authorities.

Lesley Cunneen


Re the document (
Large number of fatal Australian shark problems prompts worry shopping reasons tend to be changing
, 13 October), exactly who within right mind would want to intentionally induce a shark?

David Wright


My personal uncle, whenever questioned about their vacation, stated the guy and my aunt spent a couple weeks at Loggerheads (
, 13 October).

Derek Taylor


At likelihood of causing Lewis Rudd greater irritation (
, 14 October), the pop music group ABC truthfully predicted almost 40 years ago that ”
tiers aren’t adequate

Ian Grieve

Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal