Advocacy participatory video workshops

Giving a voice to disadvantaged teenagers. Co-creating a participatory video to make their issues visible and offer opportunities for dialogue, under the auspices and funding of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Conducting a series of PV (participatory video) workshops with disadvantaged teenagers from the center of Athens (Greeks, refugees and second generation immigrants) between June and October 2021. Together we will produce a short documentary reflecting their visions and defending their rights.
It will be projected during our open event in November 2021 in the Municipal Market of Kypseli, raising questions that our adolescent participants have chosen to tackle, opening the floor to intercultural dialogue and raising awareness around human rights. The discussion will be followed by a concert with young refugee musicians from West Africa.

Voice Up is being implemented under the auspices and funding of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, from the division of "Cultural actions for children and adolescents".

An advocacy participatory video co-created by disadvantaged adolescents from Athens, defending their rights.
A raising awareness campaign (online and with an open event in Athens). Aiming at promoting inclusive art, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and integration of the most vulnerable adolescents.
Teens learning about human rights, storytelling, video-making. Teens that advocate and impACT !

We appreciate your contribution

Together we can empower this project !

If you are working in the field of human rights, especially with adolescents, you might want to be included in our participants for the final event’s debate we are organising.

Feel free to contact us for inputs and participation.

With the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports