Interactive cross-media digital platform

An emotional journey in Athens as experienced during the pandemic by young refugees who inhabit it. Under the auspices and funding of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

The multimedia material will compose an interactive non-linear narrative line which will be elaborated following a series of participatory art-therapeutic workshops of sound, photography, physical theater and VR film of a participatory performance with 50 young refugees (aged 15-30) hosted in Athens. The audience (refugees from Greece and abroad, Greeks, Europeans) will interactively discover the multimedia outputs on a digital "mind map" with focal points that will correspond to topics / chapters of an emotional/geographical journey of our protagonists.
A forum section will further engage the audience to actively participate in the promotion of solidarity, culture, intercultural dialogue, tolerance, understanding and inclusion, both in Greece and abroad.

SolidViews is being implemented in 2021 under the auspices and funding of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

An interactive cross-media platform taking us to an emotional journey of lockdown in Athens, inspired by participatory art therapeutic workshops with young refugees living in the Greek capital. Multimedia outputs of sound, photography, texts and a VR film of a participatory performance will draw the interactive non-linear storytelling.
An online raising awareness campaign with a forum, aiming at promoting inclusive art, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.
Refugees, Greeks and Europeans in solidarity, sharing Solid visions for a better future.

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With the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports